About Econautics Racing Team and Monster Project

EcoNautics Racing Intl Ltd is the racing arm of EcoNautics International.

Monster Project our Volvo 70 Ex Kosatka is our avenue to promote awareness for our Marine Environment by sailing the world. Education is paramount to preserving them.

Monster Project/Kosatka will be voyaging the globe in this pursuit. Through the generous contributions of our clients whom join us at the worlds most prestigious regattas. We are able to combine the passion for ocean racing and preserving the ocean into one pursuit.

So come and join us. Lets share the passion for the ocean together and preserve what we have for generations to come.

EcoNautics Intl is a manufacturer of heavy duty environmentally friendly degreasers servicing the Offshore marine , Mining, Automotive and Agricultural industries worldwide. EcoNautics mission is to provide awareness in protecting the environment whilst not compromising quality that our clients expect from our products.