RORC Caribbean 600

The RORC Caribbean 600 is the headline offshore racing event of the Caribbean season and ranks with the Fastnet, Newport-Bermuda and Sydney-Hobart races as one of the world’s great sailing events, not to mention probably the warmest! Starting and finishing in Antigua it is an intense 600 nautical mile course circumnavigating 11 Caribbean Islands.

The RORC Caribbean 600 was established in 2008 and attracts a wide variety of yachts from all over the world, including ocean going performance cruisers and some of the world’s most magnificent racing yachts. The 2014 race was Monster Project’s first time participating in the event and in conditions well-suited to the Volvo 70, the Team were duly proud to be fourth over the line, the first charter boat to complete the course!

For more information about this event please see the RORC Caribbean 600 minisite.

As a Category 1 race, we’ll need all on board to assist with sailing the boat, including day and night watches, sail changes, packing spinnakers, winching/grinding and all other aspects of on-board life. Pre-race training is mandatory for all guests and is included in the packages.

16th – 24th February
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