Southern Ocean Adventure 2019

Kosatka MP is proud to announce its Performance Voyage around Cape Horn, 2019

Departing Auckland, New Zealand February arriving Ushuaia, Argentina in late February.

Departing Auckland in the first week of Feb 2019 were we pass such delights as Point Nemo( the most isolated spot on earth) and  Cape Horn, Chile on our way to Ushuaia , Argentina…..

Have you ever dreamed of being in the Southern Ocean aboard a Volvo 70 or so close to the ISS before and so far from, well , EVERYWHERE….

Every sailor worth his salt dreams of seeing Cape Horn , this is a rare opportunity to experience such an epic voyage on a Volvo 70.

Will it be tough, extremely!!!!  Will it be rewarding , most definitely. Make no mistake this voyage will be push all to their limits.

This is not for the faint of heart…serious dreamers and adventurers  required.

Get in contact for details.

Auckland, New Zealand - Ushuaia , Argentina
8th February
Auckland, New Zealand - Ushuaia , Argentina
8th February
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