Winter Maintainence Continues!


So the winter season is well and truly here, but that doesn’t mean that the Project team are packing up and enduring the winter months in front of a nice log fire (We wish!). Instead we have turned our attention to the ‘To Do List’

Despite the snow flurries and gales the team are managing to plough their way through with 3 of the big jobs in the process of getting struck off. In 1 weekend the team managed to remove the starboard rudder, remove the starboard keel ram and take out the forestay loadcell. All items are having an overhaul before being refitted and turning our attention to items a little further down the list.

Maybe when the deck thaws out a little more we can move onto some of the rigging! But for now we are very thankful that the skippers #1 job before the winter season was completed – The installation of a Webasto heater!

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